FreeBSD + DirectAdmin servers tuning

FreeBSD 64bit + DirectAdmin control panel now is possible! All power of 64bit system. New ULE process scheduler. No limits for memory. It was tested. It works fine on heavy loaded servers. Also you will get apache 2.2 + php as module but all scripts run under the username!

You will get all power of apache 2.2

PHP will be installed as apache's module but all scripts works under username (look at the top screenshot)

ZendOptimizer will be also installed.

MySQL 5 with linuxthreads for 32bit system and with local thread libs for 64bit

If you have separate HDD for backups or remote server, you will get fsbackup. It is powerful instrument for backup, wich save space and CPU resources.

You will be able to count resourses with "sa" (System Accounting) utility because all is runing under the username. Easy to find heavy users! (you can order installation of "Load statistic" package based on system accounting. It costs 150 euro and 30 euro to connect every next server).

You will get a lot of other innovations and "know how" that you will not find anywhere else!

Setting takes 2-3 days. It costs 200 euro. You get a server, that ideally prepared to work for shared-hosting. If you do not want to think about how to manage it, you can order the administration service (from 89 euro for one site server, 154 euro for hosting server). You can pay by SWIFT, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard.

Contact me to email, Denis
You can also use ICQ to contact me - 104463626 (ask for authorization) and phone +358923163010 (my time GMT+2)